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Spot supplies: 4mm silver mirror with PE film and 4mm ultra clear float glass

4mm  silver mirror with PE film

2440mmx700mm   48pcs/crate  2 crates  
2440 mmx1130mm  48pcs/crate  2 crates
2440 mmx1830mm  48pcs/crate  1 crate
1342mmx2260mm  48pcs/crate  3 crates
1142mmx2260mm  48pcs/crate  5 crates


4mm  silver mirror without PE film

2440 mmx1830mm  48pcs/crate  1crate


4mm ultra clear float glass

2440 mmx1830mm  48pcs/crate  3crates 

These spot products, FOB Qingdao china, with high quality and good service are supplying at favorable price since April 21, 2016.
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