Brilliant Glass
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Reflective glass

is coated one or more layers of metal,
alloy or metal compound film on the surface in order to change
the glass's optical properties and meet some specific requirements.

Thickness: 4mm,5mm,5.5mm,6mm,8mm
Color: Euro Bronze,French Green,Ford Blue,Dark Blue,
            Dark Green,Euro Grey
Size: 3300*2140mm,3660*2140mm,etc

Product Features:
Comfortable inner environment:
effectively block direct sunlight & UV radiation.
Energy saving: different effects of shade of the sunlight,
various degrees of air-condition system to reduce operating costs.
Abundant colors: To provide with the current design color

Privacy: as the reflective layer, it could not see indoor clearly
on the outside of building.
Composite products: Be made of various types of mulriple glass,
which through steel, interlayer, hollow, bending
and other complex processing.

Looking good outside,feeling good inside.

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