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Processing Capacity and Main Technical Parameters:

cutting machine: max. 3700*2600, precision: ±0.2
CNC processing center: min. 100*100, max.1000*2200, precision: ±0.2

Tempering furnace: 
Flat glass: min.φ180mm, max. 4000*1300mm;
Curved glass: 350×280, 1300×1000.
Minimum bending radius: 3.2-6mm: R≥450mm; 8-12mm: R≥1000mm

straight edge double edger: 

processing range: 120-2000mm,
thickness: 3-25mm,
parallelism error: ≤0.1mm/m, diagonal≤0.5mm/m)

pencil edge double edger: 
processing range: 80-1500mm, thickness: 3-25mm,
parallelism error: ≤0.1mm/m, diagonal≤0.5mm/m

beveling machine: min: 60*60mm, thickness: 3-19mm, angle: 0-30°,

length of bevel edge: 0-30mm
corner-rounding machine: processing range: R3-R80, precision: ±0.5mm
Water-jet cutting machine: 1500*2500, precision: ±0.5mm
silk-screen printing machine: printing area:max.1300*800

Production Range:

Glass Material: 

clear float glass, low iron glass(ultra clear float glass), bronze glass,
grey glass(smoke grey glass), blue glass, patterned glass, borosilicate glass,
 ceramic glass, frosted glass(acid etched glass), sandblasted glass,
 low-e glass, AR glass, AG glass, etc.

Size: according to customer's requirements
Shape: rectangular, round, ellipse, semiellipse, hexagon or other special shape
Edge shape: straight, round, beveled, stepped, etc.

Edge work: edges arrised, edges ground, edges polished, etc.
Corners: blunted corners, round corners or cut corners

Drilling: normal holes or counterbore(according to customer's requirements)
Printing: silk-screen printing with black, white, gray, gold, brown, red, yellow, sandblasting   effect, etc.(color is RoHS-compliant )

Tempering: En60598, En12150, etc.(High security, once tempered glass breakage occurs, the glass could break into small fragments, which are harmless to human body)
Packing: plywood crates with paper interlayer which are solid and exquisite

Main Products: decorative glass, range hood glass, refrigerator glass, oven glass, electric fireplace glass, instrument glass, lighting glass(glass lamp shade), air conditioner glass, washing machine glass, sight glass, tempered glass screen, glass door, bathroom glass, splash back glass, glass tiles, etc.

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