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Glass Material 

clear float glass, low iron glass(ultra clear float glass),
bronze glass, grey glass(smoke grey glass), blue glass etc.

Product Description

Acid etched glass with the nitric acid etching one side
or both sides of the glass to obtain concave-convex effect,
it can also be tempered. It has a distinctive,
uniformly smooth and satin-like appearance.
As a translucent product,
it admits light whilst still providing obscuration and vision control.

Thickness & Size : according to customer's requirements.
Shape : rectangular, round, ellipse, semiellipse, 
hexagon or other special shape
Edge shape : straight, round, beveled, stepped, etc.
Edge work :  edges arrised, edges ground, edges polished, etc.
Corners:  blunted corners, round corners or cut corners

Drilling:  normal holes or counterbore
(according to customer's requirements)
Printing:  silk-screen printing with black, white, gray, gold, brown,
 red, yellow, sandblasting   effect, etc.(color is RoHS-compliant )
Tempering : En60598, En12150, etc.(High security,
once tempered glass breakage occurs, the glass could
break into small fragments, which are harmless to human body)
Packing:  plywood crates with paper interlayer
which are solid and exquisite


1. Architecture and construction, like doors and windows in houses
   , restaurants, hotels, commercial buildings, etc.
2. Interior decoration, like furniture, glass wall, kitchen, shower rooms etc
3. Furniture such as cupboard doors, shelves and tables


1. Distinctive, uniformly smooth and satin-like appearance
2. Same light transmittance as the equivalent thickness of ordinary
    float glass while providing softening and vision control.
3. Maintenance is easy, marks, like finger prints can be easily removed from the surface of the glass.
4. Widely used in residential and commercial settings.

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