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Insulated Glass information  


Insulated glass is a new heat and noise insulation building material
which has other many features- energy saving, safety, antifogging, etc.
Insulated Glass is hermetically sealed combination of two or
more pieces of glass separated by a dry air-space.
The space itself can be filled with dehydrated air, or with a special gas.
Insulated glass is mainly used in building curtain wall, window, ceiling,
and so on.  


Specifications of insulated sound proof glass  


Product Name:Insulated Glass



Minimum Size 180mm×350mm

Maximum Size 2500mm×3500mm

Color: Clear, Blue, Green, Dark brown, etc.

Type of Sheet Glass: Float glass, Tinted glass, Coated glass, low-E glass,
 laminated glass, tempered glass, heat bent glass.

Aluminum Strip Width: 6 mm,9 mm,12 mm,15mm, etc.

Insulating Gas: Argon

Packing Details:

1.Interlay paper or plastic between two sheets;

2.Seaworthy wooden crates;

3. Iron belt for consolidation.

sound proof glass features  


(1)Saving energy: Insulated glass has good thermal insulation and heat-shielding performance, so it is an ideal material of energy
and environmental protection;

(2)Good lighting: For insulated glass, the visible light transmittance is high,
so low-e insulated glass has good lighting effect;

(3)Stable chemical property: It is possible for long term storage and the general insulated glass can be arbitrarily,deep-processed.

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